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Green Light for One South Halsted, a Greektown Giant

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The City of Chicago's Zoning committee sure didn't put fears of a Greektown skyscraper curtain to rest when it voted to approve One South Halsted. The 46-story FitzGerald Associates-designed apartment tower will cozy up to the Skybridge Tower and Crowne Plaza Hotel (residents will actually receive hotel-supplied room service and housekeeping) at the corner of Halsted and Madison. Set to deliver 492-units, the building is now the front runner among three beefy proposals for the underdeveloped Halsted-Kennedy corridor, the other two being 765 West Adams and The Gateway. Remarkably, despite neighborhood anxiety and many months of procedural wrangling, the newly green-lighted plan has barely been altered from its original scale and design. As for the notion of a skyscraper curtain separating the West Loop from The Loop, it's hardly a question of if, but when. For those lucky future inhabitants of One South Halsted, the architect has this to offer: "Spectacular views of downtown Chicago [are] virtually guaranteed by the adjacent highway." Winners and losers. That's what so much urban development boils down to.
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