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For $4,500/mo: Penthouse Meets Ballroom at The Commodore

Although a sale closed just 10 days ago on this outrageously ornate 2/2 penthouse in a landmark Lakeview building, it's already being shoveled onto would-be renters. The condo, which we visited in March as a $675K listing, rocks the glam an order of magnitude above your average vintage unit. It helps that the 3,000-square-foot penthouse occupies the former ballroom of The Commodore at Surf and Broadway, according to Fulton Grace Realty's Desmond Lathan. It also helps that modernizations didn't interfere with all the vintage goodies. The sequence of chandeliers, fireplace, and wood paneling form the crux of the unit's allure. The place also brandishes a fancy new galley kitchen w/ skylights, walk-in closets, rich hardwoods, elaborate built-ins, and an awesome frescoed gallery. Oh, and the owners are leaving their 105" HD movie screen with the unit. Selling for $570K after first listing for $975K(!), the asking rent is $4,500/month.
·Listing: 550 W Surf St. Unit 609 [Fulton Grace Realty]
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