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White Sox GM Ken Williams Upgrades to the Gold Coast

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It's safe to say White Sox GM Ken Williams got himself a sweet deal on a gut-renovated Gold Coast Greystone. Williams, in his 12th season as Sox GM and a former outfielder with the team, is moving from the South Loop, reports Crain's. Here's why he made out: the 1898 townhouse is the recipient of about $4M in renovations which include a Christopher Peacock kitchen, onyx flooring, marble bathrooms and "smart house" automation. "You can turn your lights on from China if you want," quipped broker Meladee Hughes to Crain's. Pretty staid decor-wise, the jumbo skylights and cool terrace help to jazz things up. The 6,300-square-foot, 5/6 home was listed by a trust for $3.5M and Williams closed for $3.25M. And the White Sox chipped in a $2.15M low-interest loan. Why? Because they can. In a sense, moving from the South Loop to the Gold Coast is kinda like relocating from, say, Indy to Chicago— which can require a helping hand.
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