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NikeTown Open at Long Last; 2012 Racked Awards; More

And now the latest from Racked Chicago, reporting on all-things shopping and retail from the sidewalks up...

STREETERVILLE - Niketown Chicago is open at last. At last at last, it's open at last.

EVERYWHERE - It's time for the 2012 Racked Awards. It's the time of the year where we decide who does retail best. We celebrate the heroes of the shopping community and award the best with the coveted Golden Turban. Vote now. Democracy depends on it.

EVERYWHERE - We all know Fall = Boots. Which is precisely the reason why we made this map, just for you, that details where in Chicago you can buy them.

SOUTH LOOP - We liveblogged the 57th Annual Gold Coast Fashion Awards Show that happened at the Hilton on South Michigan in support of Children's Memorial. Several up-and-coming designers from around the nation dressed up the models, sent them flying down the runway in hopes to win the 2012 Fashion Award. Here's a recap of the fashion show.