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Residential Plan for Halsted & Bradley gets Beefed-Up

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Over the weekend, tireless development scout SpyGuy at SkyscraperPage, dropped some new knowledge on us regarding Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture's design for the residential high-rise at Halsted & Bradley. When we first reported the project in early November, the design conception was a L-shaped 15-story building with greater massing along Bradley and a two-story retail podium defining the Halsted streetwall. The citizenry has been more conflicted than usual over proper design, some wanting more density, some less, with others asking for a re-orientation that favors the busier Halsted. A couple community meetings later, the architect has returned with a taller tower, a Halsted-centric re-orientation, and a more varied site plan. Instead of one broad 15-story structure, there will now be 10 and 25-story buildings, with the 25-story tower stretched along Halsted. The two-story retail podium is now five-stories, and retains its original rooftop amenities. According to a Dec. 14th application to amend the zoning, there will be 351 units, 369 parking spaces, and 47,000 sf of retail. Is this courageous redesign an affront to NIMBYs as some commenters on the SkyscraperPage forum suggest, or has there been a sea change in attitudes toward the development? The process will reveal answers.
·3750 N Halsted Street [Ward 46]
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