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Rent this Duplex Condo plus Dazzling Decor for $4,500/mo

Do you travel light, unencumbered by furnishings? If so, then this might be the rental for you. Offered fully furnished with immediate occupancy, this 3/3 duplex condo in The Embassy Club building seemingly takes its cues from the 'Backyard' Buddha (what, you thought he just presided over the rock garden?). Sure, there's a certain kind of excess to this design, but there's also a steady tranquility and a functionalism in the concept (excepting the guitar-shaped table and the fluffy, dangly thing above the living room fireplace). There's a deck to go along with the small yard, a "spa-like" master bath, and a chef's kitchen. Furnishings encompass the staples of mid-century modern. Nice to get something other than the Rent-a-Center special. Asking $4,500/mo.
·Listing: 2658 N Southport Ave #F [Jameson Realty]