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$300K Find: Compact 1885 Bucktown Red Brick Cottage

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Hot off the presses, this single-fam listing in the western reaches of Bucktown is about to join Curbed's exclusive Under $300K Club. The recently reworked interior is plain as they come, but the scale and proportions are a refreshingly modest 960 sf— all you really need for a small family. The backyard, deck, and front patio help in this respect, distancing the property from most condos in its price bracket. The pitched roof cuts sharply into the front upstairs spaces, which may be a bit tight for some, though one bedroom benefits from skylights. One more concern: We're not sure of the working status of the fireplace (it ain't boarded up for nothing). Now some happy facts of location: It's close to the highway, Western Ave Blue Line, and a couple of small parks. Asking an even $300,000, the last sale was for $573,500(!) back in freewheelin' '06.
·Listing: 2318 W Lyndale St. [Great Street Properties]