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On the Block: A Rogers Park Queen Anne w/ Studio Garage

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A lot of artists and entrepreneurs would love to work from home, but pesky considerations like noise, ventilation, and structural damage can throw a wrench in their dreams. Instead of renting studio space across town or forfeiting a perfectly good basement, one might consider buying this house & studio garage combo. Doesn't hurt that the price keeps slipping. Listing in May for $435K, the ask has withered to $338K. Right beside the Rogers Park Metra and about a mile from the beach, the primary residence, an 1890 Queen Anne with a deep set-back, has three bedrooms, some interesting partitions of common spaces, and a pervasive curvatiousness. The secondary structure, a converted garage at the back of the property, is one large room & bath presently set up for occupancy, but functional for many-a-use (yoga studio, art studio, gym, club house...). The listing suggests renting out as an income-generator, but these sorta finds are pretty special. Some obtuse realtor-speak proclaims it "dwell-shabby chic", but we'll just proclaim it awesome.
·Listing: 1801 W Greenleaf Ave [Prudential-Rubloff]