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Better than your Workspace

The A/N Blog peeked behind the curtain at the new Kirkland & Ellis Law Firm offices on the North side of the Chicago River. The SOM-designed 680,000 sf headquarters are a crowd-pleaser, according to A/N: "Kirkland & Ellis has an atmosphere of tailored elegance that is geared to attract younger workers while also conveying a sense of understated luxury suited to senior partners and their well-heeled clients." Jamie Valez, director of interiors at SOM, adds: "Many law offices use rich materials to convey luxury. We emphasized height and views." They also went to considerable lengths to include social spaces. There's a two-story riverfront terrace with a snooty restaurant, and balconies at the sixth and 24th floors. The 24th floor also offers a cafe, and the main reception area doubles as event space. Head over to A/N for more pics. [A/N Blog]