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Happy 100th, Chinatown!

If you didn't know it, 2012 marks 100 years of Chinatown (in its present location, at least). The first registered Chinese businesses in the Armour Square area are from 1912. Prior to that, there were congregations of Chinese in The Loop dating to the 1880s until rising rents forced them further South. One of the nation's most vibrant Chinatowns and, unlike many, still growing, ours recently added the 12-acre Ping Tom Memorial Park (phase II, just this summer) and the Chinatown Square plaza which brought in scores of new merchants and restaurants (meant to be passed through, it's pretty ugly taken from the street). The Daily Herald devotes more ink to sights and upcoming events. If you do nothing else, head on down for the Lunar New Year parade at the end of the month. [Daily Herald]