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Whittling Away at this Prairie Avenue Monster

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No nose dive yet for this 4,900 sf Prairie Ave new construction home, just a few shallow dives. The most recent reduction of $90K came just before Christmas and brings the ask down to $1.5M from a Springtime high of $1.799M. Referencing the stately rowhouse manors of 19th century Prairie Ave, it actually has a fair amount of grace (more than the run-of-the-mill South Loop infill, anyway). Unfortunately, it's beset by rather gloomy interiors, though we do enjoy the strange colored light of mysterious origin that permeates the living room and bathroom. OK, the facts please. Right. The 3-bed, 5-bath mini-mansion is decked in cherry hardwoods, bedazzled with marble, and sporting an elevator and two terraces. And if you get locked out for the night, there's a heated garage. We'll see if the New Year brings good fortune to the sellers.
·Listing: 1831 S Prairie Ave [RE/MAX]