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Short Sale: Austin Historic District Victorian for $299K

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Belonging to one of two several blocks that encompass the Austin Historic District (listed on the National Register), this 4-bed Victorian stands shoulder-to-shoulder with celebrated homes by Frederick R. Schock and other luminaries of late-19th and early-20th century architecture. That makes these blocks something of a secondary target of architectural tourists after the nearby Frank Lloyd Wright district. The house itself is simple and tasteful, with nice hardwoods, "fabulous" master suite, porch, deck, and full finished attic. The staircase is the interior's primary period detail. The backyard, trumpets the listing, is an "urban eco-friendly oasis". Just a few blocks east of Oak Park and north of the Green Line, the district dodges the parts of Austin with hairier reputations. Selling in 2007 for $415K after major renovations, the introductory ask is just $299K this time around— a likely byproduct of behind-the-scenes turmoil.
·Listing: 5845 W Race Ave [Baird & Warner]