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An 1880 Lincoln Park Rowhouse with Sweet Deck for $1.449M

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We'll blame the winter stir-crazies for our unhealthy obsession with delicious-looking decks, patios, terraces, gardens and yards. Mmm. For those of you who suffer a similar affliction, or who only buy houses that grace the pages of design mags, here's a fine opportunity to own an ancient Lincoln Park rowhouse with a stellar deck for $1.449M. Typically, lingo like 'inviting' or 'sprawling' would be sufficient in conveying a deck's desirability, but today we're going with 'transcendent' and 'sublime'. As for the magazine prerequisite, check the pages of Chicago Social. The interiors are painfully pristine, bright, and curated. There's three beds and two-and-a-half baths and 3,000 total square feet, though not much is allocated to the kitchen. Other niceties include the skylights, master suite, and finished basement. But the deck takes the cake. Now, we're not advocating dropping one-and-a-half million bones on a place just because it has a cool bamboo deck. Then again, if money's no object...
·Listing: 2117 N Dayton St. [Coldwell Banker]