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For $369K: A Gorgeous Reno in Grand Boulevard

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Down in the southeastern chunk of Grand Boulevard resides a house "unlike anything you've ever seen" sporting "million-dollar finishes". So the listing agent boasts. We admit, it is hard to find this kind of quantity and quality in the mid-300s. But we found some contenders here, here, here, here, and here. All belong to our Under $300K Club, the last in line a Maher-designed Prairie house in Kenwood just blocks away. To be fair, this 4-bed 1890 Greystone has a prized facade, a healthy 2,800 sf, and those finishes are no joke. The kitchen is pretty ideal. We also like the mill work, high ceilings, and pair of bedroom suites. The basement has a theater room and its own entrance in case you're dodging the missus. Asking precisely $369K, it sold last as fixer-upper in April for a mere $41K. The pre-reno exterior pictures alone testify to the work required to lift this place up to where it's at now.
·Listing: 4740 S Langley Ave [RE/MAX]