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Behind the Curtain at the Soon-to-Open Hotel Lincoln

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In the works since the summer, The Hotel Lincoln, a boutique concept for the old Park View Hotel building at Lincoln & Clark, is nearing completion. It should be an improvement on the last tenant, a Days Inn. Originally predicted to open in February, the date's been nudged to March 9th. It's far enough along, anyway, for staff to have invited media to an exclusive preview, attended by yours truly last night. A good deal of time was devoted to the cafe, bar, and room service schemes, on account of the symbiosis between neighboring Perennial Virant and the hotel management. The beacon of fine dining—opened last May—will shoot its cuisine through the hotel, from the all-season rooftop bar, to the rooms, and on down to the lobby cafe's pastries. General manager Bob Shelley and Director of Sales Morgan Cook hit on the building's general details: Its 1928 vintage; 184 rooms; 12-stories; mix of new and reclaimed furnishings; and, its horseshoe-layout that gives 60% of guests lake views.

Heading through the lobby and up to the model room, you can see the spaces are mostly just cluttered at this point. Minor work remains, like carpeting, painting, and applying those ever-important aesthetic touches (an "eccentric-meets-collegial preppy style", reads the literature) . The standard model suite wasn't at all flashy, but did feature local art and the hotel's calling card— kitchy Jeff Koons-esque porcelain piggy banks, one a squirrel, the other a poodle. There's a commendable cause behind them: the collection of loose change for charitable donation. That is, until they all go missing. Funky mirrors lurk at the entrance to some rooms. San Francisco-based Joie de Vivre Hotels is behind the project, only their second outside of California. The standard King or Queen nightly rate will be around $300 before promotions. Enjoy the pics!
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