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LP Reno not exactly a "Castle on the Park", but does Preside

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The agent for this beautiful Lincoln Park Queen Anne has a little trouble keeping it real. Among the property's attributes is a wooded side lot, no larger than a standard city lot. Its agent has really taken to it though, declaring it a private park over which your "castle on the park" looms. We'll allow that double lots in Lincoln Park are not all that common. The three-story 3/4 house does have a pretty bad ass facade, equal parts old and new with a snazzy turret. Much of the inside has been re-worked, with a new kitchen, polished hardwoods, high ceilings, and a series of skylights. The owners took advantage of the natural light, going botanical in the common spaces. This makes us think, gee, it's odd how few plants we see in listing photos. Do they take up too much space? Maybe they're casually construed as clutter... In any event, they work here. In addition to the 4,500 sf of indoor space, there are two large back decks and a 2-car garage. And, according to the listing, the third floor can easily be splintered off into its own 2/2 rental or nanny quarters. Improvements have lifted the ask all the way up to $2.2M, after selling in '09 for just $1.4M.
·Listing: 2643 N Wilton Ave [Dream Town]