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Renderings of Grant Park Overhaul Unveiled to Public

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Back in October, we brought you news of Grant Park's redesign. Plans called for an upgrade of Daley Bicentennial Plaza, an outdated area in the northeastern part of the park. At last, renderings of the project have been released, and we can feast our eyes on the final product. One of the plan's more creative features is a skating ribbon that flows organically through the 20-acre site. It will provide an interesting counterpoint to the nearby skating oval at Millennium Park. In addition, hills, valleys, and forested paths will transform the landscape. A skateboard park, scooter plaza for youngsters, and climbing park are also envisioned. For a closer look at the renderings, visit the Block 37 pedway, where they are on display. Additional overhead site plans are available on the website of architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.
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·Additional Renderings [Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates]

Grant Park

337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601