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Eccentric Three-Bed has One Hell of a Bizarre Living Room

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According to the listing agent, this pretty nice three-bed sits on one of the larger lots in Sauganash, a subsection of Forest Glen. At 62'x215', it's large alright. The grounds are clearly seductive, with a sprawling deck and extra deep yard (deemed "park-like" in the listing), but the real seduction is embedded in the living room wall. And by seductive we mean full-on trance inducing. We want to caution you: whatever the hell it is that's etched into that wood (or is it stone?) may or may not be some black magic shit. And you have to brush up to it to get to the basement. Speaking of the basement, that's our runner up for awesome weirdness. The only Tudor-like room, it has that funky flooring, neat plank ceiling, and a fireplace. Back upstairs, a wall of windows presents the back deck. The two bedrooms pictured, barren at the moment, feature sliding glass doors to street-facing balconies. The only unimpressive spaces are the kitchen and bathrooms. So, if you're after eccentric suburban environs within the city, you might give this a gander. New to market and asking $569,900.
·Listing: 6323 N Kirkwood Ave. [Coldwell Banker]