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New Look and Density for Jeanne Gang's City Hyde Park

UPDATE: Curbed spoke with Peter Cassel of Antheus Capital/Silliman Group, who helped lay aside some speculation. There are two pleasing clarifications: First, there will still be two buildings and the total unit number will be preserved at 179. The tower at the northwest corner of the site will be rendered at a later date. And second, parking will remain underground. Retail is to occupy the space in question. Thanks Peter!

For those interested in what Jeanne Gang has up her sleeve for City Hyde Park, here's a suggestion, at least, that the vision has changed dramatically. Brought forth by none other than Spyguy at SkyscraperPage, the rendering above shows the removal of balconies, suggests parking may have been lifted above ground, and gives no indication of the presence of the taller 22-story tower originally set behind this shorter one. We count 12 floors, including the nondescript parking/retail levels, a bump up of the nine floors first conceived for the smaller building. If a parking garage accounts for the difference, however, is that anything to celebrate? The project, by prominent Hyde Park developer Antheus Capital, changed its name from Village Center some months ago. Previously, there were to be 179 residences, which were steering toward rental. There's an easy way to have all your questions answered: attend next Wednesday's presentation by Jeanne Gang, 7pm at the Hyde Park Art Center.
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City Hyde Park

1501 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, IL 60615