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Conceptual Workout: Chicago as Eco-Metropolis

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It's always great to see visions for a conscientious urban future involving your city. It's even better when someone else does the heavy lifting. The design think tank Rollerhaus responded to a challenge from the Living Future Institute's Living Cities competition to conceive of the city as one would a "living building" (read: net zero). The scheme presented calls for the erasure of a great deal of pavement downtown, replaced by pastures and meandering paths. Roads are also stripped from Grant Park and Jackson Park-like lagoons dot Millennium Park. But its not just what you see. The city's entire energy and water systems are reworked too. Rollerhaus claims to be trying to attach a new architectural language to the green movement. The reclamation of old buildings and infrastructure is an effort at such loftiness. Not a likely future, but a fascinating one. [Inhabitat]