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Loyola to Spring Faceless Housing on its Neighbors

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Our friendly neighborhood tipster brought us word today of Loyola's proposal for 29 units of new rental housing at Albion & Sheridan. Information from Ald. Joe Moore on the 49th Ward website points to tomorrow's community meeting as the public's first crack at the design by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB). It's safe to say we're thoroughly underwhelmed by what's before us. It just looks cheap and redundant. The rendering provided by the alderman dates to April '11, so hopefully some alterations are already at hand. A back-and-forth with Ald. Moore on Everyblock confirms 90% of the units as market rate rentals. The Southern portion of the Loyola parking lot will remain as the five (5) low-rise clusters are strung along Albion. Commercial zoning for the Sheridan end of the site will have to be amended to allow for ground-floor residences. This site has been vacant for 30 years, since Loyola knocked down the Albion Shore Hotel. Also illuminated in the Q&A: a larger mixed-use plan for the block was in the works about five years ago but financing fell through. Loyola has apparently been working on a follow-up ever since. It is nice to see this forlorn block finally getting some love. Wanna join the circus? Attend tomorrow's 7pm meeting at Loyola's Centennial Forum in the Bremner Lounge, 1125 W. Loyola (at Sheridan).
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