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Elegant Lakeside Mansion favors the Out of Doors

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This 8/7 North Shore goliath has nearly an entire perimeter's conglomeration of tiered deck, an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and screen porch. Brand new to market, the 1898 'Newport' home sits on 3/4 acres atop a bluff. Excruciatingly close to lakefront but on the wrong side of the street, it's cut out of the private beach owner's club. Mercifully, there's public access just down the block. The 8,000+ sf house has aged well and offers delicacy and comfort over fun and entertainment (i.e. there's no game room or bowling alley) The enormous common spaces are more oriented toward fireside chat than anything else. Awesome plaster ceilings change pattern between rooms, and wood paneling hugs the walls of the family room. The listing claims "amazing vistas from every room". We only wish more rooms were on display. The home last sold in '99 for $2.125M and today asks $2.85M. Floorplans come courtesy of Ben Clauss at
·Listing: 720 Humboldt Ave [@properties]