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Classic Eight Bedroom Logan Mansion asking $1.149M

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Here now, a large Georgian/Colonial home proclaimed the Spencer S. Kimball Mansion in the listing. We had trouble finding info on a Spencer S. Kimball so, unless he's fictitious, we'll assume a relation to William Wallace Kimball, the piano maker and forefather of present day furniture/electronics company Kimball International. The Kimball Mansion more commonly referred to is the one built by William Wallace at 1801 S Prairie Ave, in 1873. The home before us today was built a few decades later. On the corner of Kimball & Wrightwood, it's certainly one of Logan Square's larger single family houses at over 5,000 square feet. Along with the eight bedrooms, count five-and-a-half baths and three pantries. There's also an attic sitting room and a finished basement. "Meticulously" restored and updated with bountiful vintage stuff like pocket doors, stained glass, French doors, and beamed ceilings. Going for $1.149M, the ask has reduced $100K in three month's time.
·Listing: 2556 N Kimball Ave [Exit Real Estate]