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90s Lincoln Park Contempo Trims $500K in Two Years

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One amusing aspect of multiple listing services is that, when cross-referencing property data between, say, Zillow and Redfin or Domu and Trulia, you'll often find each with their own version of events regarding price and sales history. In reviewing this listing, at 2636 N Seminary, we began at Redfin, which acknowledged a string of past actions but declined to list price changes. Heading next to Zillow, we were happy to find the two most recent price reductions. But the property history only went back to April, whereas indications on Redfin were that it had been on-and-off the market for nearly two years. OK, so we visited a third site (not usually necessary) and found the missing link on Urban Real Estate. It goes without saying that the actual agency listing (@properties) would have little interest in disclosing the back story.

Now that you know our anguish, let's get on with it. First listing in February 2010 for $1.6M, this 6,000 sf contempo has given its all on the market, plummeting to $1.1M as of this week. A five-bedroom, it's got high ceilings, a glass atrium that opens up the floors to lots of light, and is halfway to opening a Dave & Busters in its basement. The theater is particularly stellar with plush seating for six and a behind-screen stage for optional live music (how convenient to have a band setting up come picture time). There's what looks to be a pretty complete gym too. The furnishings are, naturally, modern but the atrium goes the furthest in establishing this home's progressive feel. We can't get as excited about the exterior, although it does allow for two roof decks (one atop the garage). Hard to imagine this dipping below one mil, but who knows?
·Listing: 2636 N Seminary Ave [@properties]