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High Assessments hurt an Otherwise Dreamy Lakefront Condo

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Re-listed this week after a 15 month stretch on the market, this 2/2 condo has something on its neighbors— a private ground floor courtyard. Unfortunately, high floors count most when you live on the lake. That and windows. For a more private type, two sets of French Doors open onto the walled-in courtyard with its Cupid fountain and brick planters. The 2,000 sf unit has a couple of fireplaces, a library, and a mountain lodge-like rec room facing the court. Ultimately, what cripples the value on this gorgeous listing is the assessments. Try $1,530/mo plus another $200-300 for parking. You may as well be paying $600K, although the ask is just $399K.
·Listing: 3750 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 1F [Koenig & Strey]