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For $2.499M: 7,000 sf Custom Build w/ Three Bars & Catwalk

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This Old Town mansion just turned ten and is up for adoption. Although it doesn't scream CONTEMPORARY from the curb (it actually looks a bit academic, like it was snatched off DePaul's campus), it couldn't be more so within. Much of the ground floor has double-height ceilings on account of the overhead balconies and catwalk. The wood plank underbelly of the two gives off the impression of being in an old timber loft, as do the partial brick walls and towering windows. Ditto the dining room. The loft motif dissipates as you move to other rooms but is reflected subtly in the floors, the broad staircase, and ceiling adornments. On the top two floors there's a lounging perch accessible by catwalk, a gorgeous office, and five bedrooms. The master suite has a fireplace and jacuzzi and a cool pocket door between bed & bath. Not pictured: gym, outdoor hot tub, and yard. Pretender or not, it's a damn-well executed house. New to market and asking $2.499M.
·Listing: 1434 N Mohawk St. [Jameson Sotheby's]