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Gold Coast Penthouse w/ 2,100 sf Terrace sells for just $900K

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Even though this top-floor penthouse has a none-too-shabby 3,900 interior square feet, actual living space increases by 50% come warm weather. We challenge you to find a more incredible private terrace. And it better have gargoyles. The only real contender we've seen on the market in recent months is this turf-topped number. Poking up into the sky above 220 E Walton, the unit has four exposures, a private elevator, and "the feeling of a gracious single family". Closing in late December for $900K, the big shocker is its rapid price decline from the original May ask of $1.5M. Were dues to blame? We're can't be sure. It's gonna be a wait for another chance like this.
·Listing: 220 E Walton Pl #11E [@properties]