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A 2/2 Lake-Proximate Condo for 25% below '07 Sale Price

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Who doesn't like a motivated seller? Apparently, a quick relocation provoked the highly reasonable ask on this 1,000 sf Rogers Park condo a block from the lake. Sorry, it's not one of those units you see above that are half deck/half condo. But it does have a decently long, slender deck all its own. We don't see that much of the interiors, but the "gently lived-in" listing claim is supported by what we do see (at least it seems nobody tore through the place on roller skates). And the agent swears you'll absolutely love parking in the gated lot at back. Currently asking $169K, you'll get it for, at minimum, $74K below the 2007 sale price.
·Listing: 1242 W Pratt Blvd Unit 2M [Coldwell Banker]