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Huge 1885 Hyde Park Victorian gets a Photographic Mangling

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We're scratching our heads over the weird digital catastrophe visited on these listing photos. The house, zoned for B & B and sized for it too (nine bedrooms!), is undeniably charming. Near as we can tell, oversized pictures from the Urban Search site transmitted glitches when picked up by MLS. Compounding the disorientation are mirrors that are easily confused for distortions in some rooms. Our favorite is the greenhouse pic with a cut-and-paste hack job and a wall of mirror squares that refract and confuse. We had to study it for several minutes to figure it out, and we still don't trust our eyes. A turn of the (last) century boarding house, the 6,800 sf Victorian retains the unusual layout but its rooms have tons of character. The sunroom and wood-paneled foyer are especially righteous. Nice big yard too. Listing in the summer for $750K, the ask is now $699K.
·Listing: 5210 S Kenwood Ave [Urban Search]