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On the Far Side of O'hare, Testiness over Condo Conversion

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Conversion to rental isn't especially popular anywhere, unless the choice is between a derelict building and one with life. The Daily Herald is reporting on a simmering beef over a 5-story conversion in the small West Suburb of Itasca that has sharply divided condo owners in the neighboring building. A contingent of residents from One Itasca Place—and others—opposed to the conversion of Two Itasca Place put up a fight in yesterday's meeting of the Village Plan Commission. One leveled a low-blow: "We're all concerned that transients will be introduced to the neighborhoods. Condo owners have a stake in the building and take care of it. Renters generally do not care about the place or the neighborhood. The vast majority do not even have insurance on their own possessions." Ouch. We'll remember never to rent in Itasca. Despite vocal opposition, the plan won the recommendation of the commission, but still awaits approval by the board. Neighbors in favor of conversion cite the maintenance costs of propping up an underused multi-unit building, and the potentially nasty effects of leaving something to rot. Lost in all this: Renters want good housing too! Especially in the 'burbs.
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