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For $289K: A West Town House in "Quiet" Warehouse District

Here's a rather surprising find: A two-story loft-like single family in West Town for $289K. Graced by warehouse neighbors, the zoning reflects such irregularity. Basically, you get to do as you please with the house— live in it, work and live in it, or make it a place of business. Presently, it's a residence. A large living room/kitchen combo makes up the ground floor with two sizable bedrooms atop. We've not any pics of the bedrooms which is a little unnerving, but the living space is at least fit for living. The crowning achievement of the '04 rehab would appear to be the outdoor spaces, which include everything but a decent yard (front balcony, two-level steel deck, and roof deck). We have to sound the alarm on one claim: the "quietness" of the Hubbard Ave warehouse strip. Indeed, stretches of Hubbard to the East, where light manufacturing has been supplanted by gyms and design firms, are pretty quiet. But all bets are off when you live down the way from active industry, beside an empty corner lot (future construction zone?).

Even with a fuller picture, there's advantages to living on the fringe of West Town/Ukrainian Village and its nexus of tasty eats and entertainment. This house would be twice the price were it shifted just two blocks North.
·Listing: 2208 W Hubbard St. [Fulton Partners]