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Old Uptown Condo Site gets a new Lease on Life

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Uptown's Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, a psychiatric facility, plans on injecting new life into a vacant five-story structure opposite 4720 N Clarendon Ave, per yesterday's report from Crain's. The site is a past target of lustful developer Sunrise Equities, helmed by Salman Ibrahim who has been fleeing fraud charges since 2008. The recession tore apart Sunrise's 179-unit 18-story condo plan—known as Leland Park (above, left)—for a 1.3 acre parcel including the vacant building. Now, thanks to one of the recession's darlings—the hospital industry—there's at least a modest plan for the site. The Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, in the midst of broad expansion, wants to restore the building and shift to it 60 beds from its main 146-bed facility two blocks North. The adaptive reuse shouldn't be too challenging either, considering it was, until 1996, home to the defunct Charter Barclay psychiatric hospital. This accompanies recent news that the hospital is tearing down its single-story outpatient facility at 850 W Lawrence in favor of a three-story administrative building. All-in-all the hospital is spending $20M on upgrades and expansion.
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