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"Mansion in the Sky" Still Searching for a Buyer

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Maybe its a lack of marketing muscle—because there's always folks that go for the ostentatious—that's causing this lakefront 4/4 duplex condo to lose its footing. Or maybe it's what one observer claimed as massive taxes and monthly assessments in our initial "on the market" post. But now that 10 months have blown by, the ask has reduced considerably to $699K from a high of $949K. The For Sale by Owner property is on the 14th floor of The Eddystone, a Holabird & Root-designed 22-story building. As you plainly see, its distinguishing feature is the 20' cathedral-ceilinged living room with plaster and wood ornament, a huge chandelier, leaded windows, and a couple of balconies. The show-stopping space is made all the more dramatic in contrast to the normal-sized rooms that comprise the remainder of the 4,000 sf condo. The master bedroom and library are standouts for their fine details, but the kitchen is markedly smaller than you'd expect. If you can swing it, this puppy's inching into "steal" territory.
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