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Historic Alta Vista Terrace Rowhouse Snatched up for $590K

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Made a Chicago landmark district in 1971 and added to the National Register in 1972, Alta Vista Terrace is a block of twinned London-styled row homes. Built at the turn of the (last) century by developer Samuel Eberly Gross and architect J.C. Brompton, a clever pattern was employed to bring more heterogeneity to what was otherwise a string of uniformly shaped houses. Each of the 20 houses on one side of the street had its own distinct facade and the opposite side boasted the same, but strung in reverse. In this way, every house had a twin but only at the block's midpoint does a set of twins come face to face. Our featured house, at 3814 N Alta Vista, has just sold for $590K. Sorry. The 3/2 strikes a pretty fine balance of updates and period touches. It hasn't become a repository of luxury spoils, and thus, we think, is more palatable to the history buff. Selling last in 2004 for $698K, it listed this time in August for $635K. Visit the listing or this Crib Chatter post for the head-to-toe.
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