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New to Market: A Well Hidden Lincoln Park Coach for $249K

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We're suckers for coach houses. Surely, some of our readers are too. There's something mystical about 'em, like the earthen huts of The Shire. Feels like your independence exists at the mercy of greater forces, like the much bigger house invariably blocking your street views. They're cool because they're rare, unless you start counting converted garages. Curbed's great wandering eye paused today on this coach in Lincoln Park, with just one bedroom and one bath on a single floor. The 1890 structure added a bit of depth with a small addition where, behind the sliding glass door, you'll find the kitchen. It's a condo, part of the multi-unit building it sits behind. The low assessment ($86/mo) makes it so. Otherwise, it's entirely its own entity, with dainty rooms, skylights throughout, and a stone court for a front yard. Asking $249,900, it last sold in '06 for $271K.
·Listing: 2232 N Seminary St. Unit CH [Baird & Warner]