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Masterful Contempo gets Reworked, Reduces Asking Price

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This Marcel Friedes-designed 5-bed contemporary greedily consumes three standard lots in the Buena Park district of Uptown. We missed its summertime listing, but since then, the newly-remodeled beauty has gained even more allure— thanks to a couple of big price chops. Starting out at $1.399M, the ask just fell to $1.175M. There's a lot to like here: a master suite with sauna; a huge backyard and patio with a pool and a (planned)retractable 25-foot glass wall entrance to the kitchen/great room; a mix of hardwood and terracotta floors; and proximity to the lake. But far and away our favorite is the enclosed 2-story atrium around which radiate the kitchen, living room, and family room. Additionally, from the second floor, stained glass windows open onto the space. There's clearly a lot of lost footage, here, like any pictures of bedrooms or the library. Not to lecture, but those might work wonders for this sale. As of the listing date, certain elements from designer dSpace Studio had not yet been delivered, like the pool, and we're not sure they will be. But we've tacked on a couple of renderings, anyhow.
·Listing: 830 W Buena Ave [Baird & Warner]
·Official Design Site: dSpace Studio