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Disclosures: G8 Costs

Earlier this week, City Hall delivered some hard numbers on G8-related expenses. Crain's Greg Hinz brings coverage of the announcement. Seeking to dispel rumors on the extent of taxpayer involvement and the potential for major disruptions of day-to-day life in The Loop, Mayor Rahm Emanuel swore that the municipal budget would derive exclusively from private donors. Beware: Hinz reminds us of a similar pledge by Daley re: the Olympic bid, over which he was forced to backpedal. Another revelation: there are no hard plans to shut down part of the Loop, just yet. Also presented, dramatically boosted fines for resisting arrest. Protest permits are already being issued and the city is doing things to make marching less difficult, so, if costs gets out of hand, don't be surprised to see an uptick in arrests. [Crain's]