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$1.499M for a Lakeview New Build with Home Theater

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There's no shortage of herculean new construction in the fertile land of Lakeview. Demand is such that developer Athens Construction bought a perfectly fine 19th century Victorian on a double lot for $1.1M, tore it down, and built two new luxury homes on spec. This one, pressed up against a handsome old Greystone, has five beds, five baths, three decks, a ton of Mahogany paneling, and a large home theater. The attic penthouse has direct access to the roof deck. Including the finished basement, there's four stories of living space. Asking $1.499M, the property's made a host of brief appearances on the market. Wanna see more? The open house is this Sunday from 10:30-12:30.
·Listing: 1446 W Belle Plaine Ave [Prudential Rubloff]