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Chicago's Year End Rents, According to RentJuice

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The folks at RentJuice have applied their metrics to Chicago's Q4 rental market, with the overall finding that rents have eased over Q3. The slight increase in Q3 (0.43%) was more than negated by a 4% average citywide decrease. We wonder, is new rental construction starting to make its presence felt? The study doesn't ask those kind of questions, just lays out numbers for others to sweat over. In sum, the average price per square foot is $1.95 citywide, with perennial top dog Gold Coast registering a $2.65/sf average and West Rogers Park tied for cheapest with Albany Park/Irving Park at $1.05/sf (the study omits much of the South Side). Average rents went up in just a few neighborhoods between September and December, including Andersonville, West Rogers Park, and River West. The RentJuice Rent Index gathers its data from a real-time database of 27,000 pooled entries from landlords, property managers, and the RentJuice team. It's not based on polling or samples of large property owners. Visit the full report for the blow-by-blow.
·The Chicago Rent Index [RentJuice]