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Big Time Potential: Pilsen Industrial Conversion for $3.35M

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Hey, all you investors! We're not trying to tell you how to spend your money—honest—but Pilsen sure could use some more industrial lofts. Happily, this newly available 140,000 sf loft building came waltzing along. Zoned commercial (and recently active, judging by the pics), the opportunity exists for a residential conversion. Granted, it's no easy feat, but there's a nice starter kit: high ceilings, wide-open floors, big windows, sprinkler system, and office spaces in really good shape. Oh, and the $3.35M price includes 100+ parking spaces and another 42,000 sf of vacant land. On W 21st Street, a block East of Ashland, it's near enough to established residential blocks to not have to remain just another forlorn factory (it's even on a normal street grid!). So nab that head office and play tycoon. That is, unless your plan is to carry on industrial use, in which case Curbed salutes you.
·Listing:1432 W 21st St. [Coldwell Banker]