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1834-50 W Chicago Ave: A Little Info & a lot of Posturing

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The sun has likely set on Chicago Bowl, the extension of trendy bowling & music venue Brooklyn Bowl. But with the demolition of the vacant AAA Building at 1834-50 W Chicago Ave (meant to be renovated under the Chicago Bowl plan), the gaping hole in the Chicago Ave streetwall lends an urgency to brainstorming exercises. The East Village Association (EVA) covered Monday's public hearing convened by Ald. Proco Joe Moreno to take on the issue. Landlord Ken Kosinski addressed the crowd, stating his desire to build a "middle anchor" holding down the stretch between the Goldblatt building and Dominick's. Ald. Moreno is weighing the option of extending "pedestrian street zoning" from Wood to Damen, which has the support of the EVA, in order to prohibit drive-thru establishments and tuck parking behind buildings. Kosinski didn't seem wholly supportive, voicing concern that "we have to put all those cars someplace." All those cars? Might this be the biggest hint yet that a strip-mall or big-box scheme is a backroom favorite?
·Landlord weighs Chicago Ave anchor [East Village Association]