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Fulton Market the Likely Recipient of a Soho House Hotel

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The inkling is fact. Soho House has renewed plans to locate in Chicago. The '07 plan for the reuse of Gold Coast's Three Arts Building is still dead in the water, with the new focus squarely on a warehouse at 113-125 N Green Street in the Fulton Market District. Bucking the trend of hotel concentrations in the major touristy areas, Soho is doing something more pioneering, according to hotel consultant Ted Mandigo (sheesh! We're not talking about Pilsen can easily walk to Willis). Speaking to Crain's, Mandigo continues: "They're not where the core of properties are in Chicago. They're not next door to other properties." Maybe that's part of the 'boutique' aspect. The 90,000 sf Green Street building is listed for $6.8M, and includes 5,800 sf of vacant land. To put that in context, New York's Soho House is only 45,000 sf with 24 small rooms. So expect something in the neighborhood of 40-50 rooms. Few of their hotels exceed this. Now we see how Fulton Market would be a good fit.
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