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A Flashy Penthouse Unit at River City for $610K

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Just a little downstream (gotta love engineering) of Bertrand Goldberg's Marina City, less celebrated sister River City hugs the banks (he sure had a thing for marinas). An earlier inception called for several sets of octagonal towers with a winding boulevard running between. What actually got built was a serpentine 17-story concrete block with 448 condo units that looks much like Marina City, minus height and balconies. Wondering what's for sale at the moment, we discovered 28 available units. By far the cream of the crop, this 3-level penthouse was transformed from a 4-bed to a 2-bed to free up more space for amenities. We're referring to the sauna, wet bar, and souped-up kitchen. And this place has what most others are lacking: outdoor space. The decor does that playful modernist thing without going overboard. When you factor in the building's amenities (pool, health club, sun deck, doorman, marina, and river park), there aren't many oversights. Listing in October, the ask has already dipped a little and stands at $610K. We noticed several of the more ordinary units are listed as short sales, with remarkable affordability.
·Listing: 800 S Wells St #1301 [Berg Properties]

River City

800 South Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60607