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The Rent is Too Damn High Party has a new Poster Child

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We all know rents are getting steep, but this is ridiculous: The owners of an (admittedly) luxurious 4/5 Prairie Ave rowhouse are after $9,500/mo in rent! Even though Zillow's "Zestimates" are famously uneven, you don't expect a discrepancy of 300%. We just saw a similar property in Lincoln Park for $5,250/mo, and another far more interesting one in Bucktown for $5,200/mo. Does the Prairie district really have that kind of cachet? Apart from paying to live on a historic street that's lost most of its artifacts, what do you get here? A "lavish" master suite, "exquisite" bathrooms, and "incredible" deck spaces, and a bunch of fancy-name fixtures, that's what. We said it was comfortable...
·Listing: 1847 S Prairie Ave [Koenig & Strey]