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Wright's Heller House hits the market in Hyde Park for $2.5M

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The Frank Lloyd Wright fanatics at Prairie Mod detected a significant new listing in the printed pages of the Hyde Park Herald. Tucked away in the classifieds, Wright's Heller House is, apparently, on the market. An early work (1896), Heller was designed in Wright's coming-of-age period, when Louis Sullivan still heavily influenced his designs, but definitive concepts were beginning to bubble up as elements of the new Prairie style. Represented by Urban Search of Chicago, there isn't a full realtor listing just yet, but we can tell you the following about the property: It's 5,500 sf, has seven bedrooms and five baths, three fireplaces, an elevator, lots of original stained glass and oak, and a large yard. The house also has ornamental contributions from the sculptor Richard Bock, including the plaster frieze banded around the roof. Sold last in 2004 for $1.8M, the new ask is $2.5M. We'll bring forth interior shots when they come available.
·Listing: 5132 S Woodlawn Ave [Hyde Park Herald]
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·Chicago landmarks listing: Heller house [City of Chicago]