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Broadway 3030 Redux: From Condos to Rentals

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Word arrived last month that new plans for the Dominick's development site at 3030 N Broadway were gathering steam. Borrowing heavily from the bankrupt 2007 plan for a Dominick's-anchored 6-story condo building at the spot of the '05 fire that leveled another Dominick's, architect/developer Valerio Dewalt Train Associates (VDTA) basically swapped in a Mariano's, and juggled the site density a bit. The revelatory new designs were flagged by a tipster who attended last night's community meeting on the proposal. Presented as finalized designs (but not yet approved), the two-story Mariano's will be topped by four floors of upscale rentals along Broadway, and a separate five-story building will huddle behind with an entry on Waterloo Court. Compared with the old plan by JfJ Development, the new contours smooth out the facade by sacrificing some balcony space. There's a greater amount of rooftop rec space and a pedestrian bridge connecting the two structures. Overall site density and number of units should remain about the same— the old plan called for 53 high-end condos.
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