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Ultra-Ornate Kenwood Mansion sells for $1.1M below Ask

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Following the day's previous post on contemporary excess, we turn back the clock to Kenwood's era of opulence (now making a comeback) with this recently sold 19-room mansion. Built by William Zimmerman in 1908 (architect of the Illinois State Prison in Joliet), the 8,300 sf mansion is drenched in heavy ornament, from wood paneling to decorative plaster ceilings. We're especially fond of the built-in fireside benches and the broad, regal staircase. Two of the bedrooms are in the coach house, a structure that would hold its own in most any neighborhood. The original summertime list price of $2.6M came with the disclaimer that the price reflected the need for work. It was meant to be a deal! The ask very quickly dropped to $1.8M, then closed last week for $1.5M.
·Listing: 4940 S Woodlawn Ave [Urban Search]