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Is Condo Construction Resuming in Wicker Park/West Town?

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Another boxy new condo building is on the rise in Wicker Park. This one, at 1335 N. Bosworth has appropriate scale and materials for its sleepy block, and if filled, should mingle nicely with the range of old and new. Curbed recently wrote about a couple like-sized developments nearby, a 6-flat at Ashland and Erie, and a slightly larger project on Chicago near Western. Could this mean a modest rebound is underway? Curbed swung by for a look-see yesterday, and the building has most of its form minus a facade, windows and interiors. The five units are all on the market by developer 1335 North Bosworth Condos, and consist of two 3-beds, two 2-beds, and one 3-bed penthouse, all with parking, all for $525,000 or less. The rendering shows a bright white brick facade pasted over all that gray brick (the only brick present at the moment). Targeted completion for November.
· Listing: 1335 N Bosworth Condos [developer]