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Drive-By Real Estate Photog on the Loose in Roscoe Village

Now let's all tsk-tsk the lazy real estate agent who couldn't be bothered to get out of the car to frame a simple snapshot of the building. For a rental listing like this one, offering a glimpse at the building's exterior is nice, but nonessential. Most renters are probably more interested in the interior. But still, the agent still saw fit to pull up the car on August 31, lean over, and take aim through the windshield. What can we infer from this? If the building were located virtually anywhere else in the city, it might suggest that the agent stayed in the car for fear of safety. But this is Roscoe Village, home to stroller mommies and pro hockey players. Maybe parking is so bad and enforcement so merciless that you can't leave your car for 30 seconds to take a decent photograph. Perhaps we'll never know, but whatever the reason, it doesn't send a great message. Hat tip to Eric Rojas, who always gets out of the car to take his photos.
· Listing: 1942 W. Melrose St. #1 [Domu]