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Architecture Grad / Cubs Fan Has a Plan for Triangle Building

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[All images by Marty Sandberg]

For years, the Chicago Cubs have swung and missed on developing the triangle parcel, a small, triangle-shaped lot adjacent to Wrigley Field, and bordered by Clark, Waveland and Seminary, which the team promised to develop in exchanged for expanded bleacher seating. The team is currently working on a redesign of the proposed Triangle Building, but in the meantime, let's take a look at one young architect's vision for the building. During his senior year at the Notre Dame School of Architecture, Marty Sandberg, a "religious" Cubs fan who now works for Antunovich Associates, came up with his own design scheme for the Triangle Building, and he launched a blog to share his ideas with the world. Sandberg's plan calls for a three-story building with a pro shop and atrium on the ground floor; a Chicago baseball hall of fame on the second floor; offices and sports medicine facilities on the third floor; and a big roof terrace with bridges connecting it to the stadium on the top level. Although he did receive some assistance from the Cubs, he reminds us that his plan "should by no means be interpreted as having the official support of the Chicago Cubs."
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